New GTR Lighting LED Interior Bulbs

36 mm LEDs

The new 1.5w LED festoon bulbs to replace all 36mm interior/dome lights.

I’d like to show you the new video put out by GTR Lighting about their new lineup of LED bulbs for the interior of your car or truck. These new high power LED bulb replacements come in a variety of styles and power ranges including 1 watt, 1.5 watt, and 3 watt. Please watch the new video showcasing the latest products here:

Universal and bulb-replacement products are available if you are in the market for interior LED bulb upgrades or for adding a splash of LED lighting ANYWHERE in your vehicle with the universal products. All LED bulbs from GTR Lighting are available in white, red, blue and amber for maximum options.

Rigid LED Festoon

A myriad of LED bulbs are available from the GTR Lighting lineup including this rare and hard to find “rigid loop” festoon bulb upgrade.

Projector Headlights for Sealed Beam – 7×6 Housings

7x6 Projectors

New headlights provide upgraded lighting for older vehicles.

Many vehicles from the past are outfitted with “sealed beam” headlights from the factory, which means that the headlight housing and the headlight “bulbs” are one and the same. There are no replaceable capsules like modern headlights and when the filament burns out the entire assembly needs to be replaced. We’ve seen this issue overcome multiple times in the past by manufacturers creating something called composite headlight conversions. This means you take a headlight housing (round or square) that is the same dimension as the old style sealed beam housing but the new product has replaceable light bulbs. This allows for less expensive and less time-consuming light bulb changes and the opportunity to upgrade with high power halogen light bulbs or HID conversion!


The problem that people have run into in the past with this type of product, however, is that when installing an HID component into these new headlight housings, the light output was super bright and blinding! In order to do away with this issue all together, GTR Lighting has introduced a line of single-beam housings that use real OEM grade projector lenses. The product line is called Tru-Projector and can be used with a halogen bulb or HID and provides the coveted cutoff line that all enthusiasts seem to be after today!

True Projector Housings

GTR Lighting Tru-Projector Headlights offer style and functionality!

7x6 Headlight Cutoff

OEM Grade Projectors create a sharp cutoff line for use with either halogen or HID bulbs.

This product has never existed before, so it is very exciting to be able to add an actual projector headlight to an older car. The two biggest benefits are performance and style. Not only do these headlights use a real projector assembly (not just a cheap lens) but they also utilize an LED halo ring constructed from fluted plexiglass. Simply wire the halo to your parking lights (2 wires, positive and negative) or a switch inside your vehicle for an updated custom look:

Halo 7x6 Headlights

LED Halos built into the housings.

Halo 7x6 Headlights

HID Lights turned on behind the projectors.

For more information on these headlights visit

HOD Bulbs Review – New Hotness or Just a Big Hot Fail?

HOD Headlights

A new fad in automotive lighting: H.O.D.

One of the most common upgrades done in the automotive lighting world is replacing your stock halogen/incandescent headlights with blue halogen/xenon type bulbs. They are still incandescent and they still partially use xenon gas, and sometimes they use more electricity and are rated at a higher power than your original bulbs. Some companies like Putco, Street Glow, Nokya and GP Thunder have done a good job at producing a regular style blue headlight bulb. They look good, the last a decent amount of time, and they are brighter than stock in a plug and play form.

Enter the “H.O.D” bulb… HOD stands for, this is not a joke, “High Definition Olive Lamp”… are you kidding me? The name comes from a translation of the original Chinese name of the bulb after describing the shape as being round like an olive. Today retailers are marketing the product by calling it a High-Output-Discharge bulb, which sounds much better but it’s not the original name of the technology. Your best bet for better lighting is an HID system for your vehicle, there is still nothing brighter than a true xenon high intensity discharge system. Even the best LED headlights still cannot compare to HID.

When you find an HOD bulb for sale, it looks just like the others out there. Do your own research and hit up Google for these brands:

Oracle HOD
Pegasus HOD
Startway HOD
Vance Hypersports HOD
Eagle One HOD

Comparison of HOD Bulbs

Oracle HOD, Eagle-One HOD and Pegasus HOD bulbs in a comparison – identical.

All of the packaging is the same for each “brand” and they all equally perform poorly. I was blown away when I watched a testing and review video on the Tundra forum about using these bulbs in high beams – you can’t even tell they are turned on! Watch this video for a demonstration of HOD bulbs in the high beam position of a Toyota Tundra:

If you want to learn more about HOD bulbs, and what proponents of the product are talking about, check out this blog:

Basically, what this all comes down to is, until the technology in made better, don’t waste your money on an HOD bulb product. They are all the same, just re-branded for each company selling them, and they don’t perform as well as many factory headlight bulbs. They are cool looking, they are blue and attractive in their packaging, but provide no real functional value to the enthusiast.


New LED Bulbs “WOW” Consumers

6w LED Bulbs

New high power 6w LEDs named the “TW6” lineup.

LED technology used for bulb replacements and upgrades has come a long way since Jam Straight introduced their LED bulb replacements years ago. The novelty of using LEDs for light bulbs in the enthusiasts car quickly wore off after experiencing the lack of power output from the early style LED products. Today with the invention of Surface Mount Technology and high power diodes, innovation and new technology is the name of the game in the LED bulb market and GTR Lighting is at the forefront of these developments.

The GTR Lighting TW6 LED bulbs are direct bulb replacements that are as bright as their 15 watt incandescent counterparts but use half of the electricity. TW6 stands for “6W Tower” which is a description of the specifications and shape of the LEDs. The newest generation of the TW6 LED bulbs is the dome shaped lens at the top which allows for superior light output than what was previously available. LEDs are uni-directional by nature and require special optics in order to produce any usable output pattern. The lens fitted to the top of the bulb offers a wide 120 degree output at the front and a 360 degree output around the side perimeter.

The TW6 lineup of high-power LED bulbs are available in most standard bulbs including 9005/H10, 7440/7443, 3156/3157, 1156, 1157, H7, H9/H11 and T10/921/194. If it’s a fog light, reverse light, marker or blinker you will be able to finally utilize an LED bulb with some power.

Fiero LED Lights

This image shows a Pontiac Fiero fitted with GTR Lighting TW6 bulbs in the reverse light housing and the increased light output gained from it. These bulbs are brighter than original and use less electricity.

6w LED bulbs

New high-power LED bulbs from GTR Lighting.

Can’t Find the Light You’re Looking For?

Monster LED Dome Light

The Monster Board from GTR Lighting – one of MANY different lighting products available at Black Top Racing.

Have you ever tried looking for some type of lighting product but couldn’t quite find what you are looking for? I’d like for you to know about Black Top Racing, which sells and stocks an incredible line of LED and HID products as well as headlight housings and off-road lights.

Every light bulb you will ever find in your car or truck can be replaced by LED or HID bulbs available from Black Top Racing. Need a weird looking trunk light bulb? Black Top Racing carries it. Need a high power off-road light option with the ballast inside – Black Top Racing  has it too. Aside from bulb replacements and upgrades you can also find universal LED products, like the Monster Board by GTR Lighting pictured above.

The idea behind the way Black Top Racing sells lighting products has to do with selling high quality products at an affordable cost. For example, you may find Hella internal-HID off-road lights for upwards of $400+ and the Eagle Eye Lights with the same power and quality can be had for less than $200 a piece.  The HID kits are all strictly high-end  and you will never spend money on something that isn’t worth it at the Black Top Racing store. Visit Black Top Racing for a huge selection of lighting products.

If you’re looking for something that you can’t find in the lighting department please contact Black Top Racing with any questions, technical or sales-wise.

1156 LED Bulbs

Unique to GTR Lighting – these high power LED bulbs are 6 watts each and feature a output projecting lens on the top and 360 degree light output around the sides. More unique lighting products available at Black Top Racing.

Ferrari F12 Headlights are Wild

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Headlights

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Headlights

Thanks to Rev Newz for showcasing “The New King Stallion – Ferrari F12 Berlinetta” in a recent blog, because it inspired me to talk about the styling of the new Ferrari headlights.

Earlier this year the “Motor Blog” from Motor Trend showed us the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta while it was sitting during the 2012 Geneva Auto Show. This 730hp, 6.3L V12 MONSTER will be the next terror of the streets out of the Ferrari stable. Up front, the F12 Berlinetta’s long headlamps bear a resemblance to those of the 458 Italia, while a large egg crate grille dominates the lower half of the fascia.

F12 Headlights

LED and HID Headlights

The main focal point of the new F12 headlights, I’m sure you’ll agree, is the slender, upward-sloping, construction holding multiple LED accents. On the outside perimeter above the projector lens lay 8 square shaped LED modules, each with its own lens housing. The lenses are molded into the housing in a way that resembles old pop-up headlights of the past (e.g. C4 Corvette). Next to the straight lined LED modules sits a pair of “L” shaped polycarbonate conduits which are also illuminated by LED light. They are nearly flushed into the housing as to remain almost invisible while they are turned off. The combination of sloping shapes, LED boxes and the lone round projector lens which makes up each headlight housing, create quite the futuristic look. It seems that more and more today you can find “fancy” LED-laden headlights in almost anything like Chrysler, Kia and Hyundai! But the style of the F12 headlights sets it apart from the crowd of bandwagon headlight manufacturers.

LED Headlight

Beautiful Futuristic Styling by Ferrari

Cheap HID Kits VS Expensive HID Kits

Cheap HID Kit

STAY AWAY! from cheap HID conversion kits! The price is right, but the quality is wrong.

Right now on eBay you can purchase an aftermarket 35w HID conversion kit with a single beam bulb for $28.92! This is incredible, it is such a good deal! Right? The truth is that it is not a good deal. It’s kind of like those musical instruments that you can purchase at WalMart for $40 when a decent guitar sells at your local music store for $200 or more. The musical instruments sold at WalMart are actually “instrument-shaped-objects” meaning that they look like a guitar, kind of sound like a guitar, but they will not produce the quality of sound or build quality that you would expect out of any decent guitar. This WalMart guitar will lose its pitch easily and frequently, fall apart early and wear out before you ever get your $40 worth, where as a high quality guitar from the right store will provide you with beautiful music for years. If you’re interested in purchasing a high quality HID kit that will treat you well for years then read on!

The same scenario goes for HID conversion kits. This kit sold on eBay is $29 SHIPPED, and how much does shipping cost? A small box shipped by first class US mail could cost as little as $5 domestically. Next, the PayPal and eBay seller fees for this item will amount to nearly $2-$3 per item. So when it’s all said and done you just bought yourself a pair of ballasts and a pair of bulbs with some wiring for $21 – what a steal! These kits are CHEAP because they are CHEAP, not because the buyer is getting a good deal. The truth is that this HID kit cost less to manufacture than a pair of high quality aftermarket HALOGEN headlights, but the electronics are more complicated than a regular headlight, so why would you ever want to spend money on this? Let’s look at what makes them so cheap:

  1. Waterproofing: A cheap HID ballast will not be waterproof. This can cause problems because of it being installed on your car exposed to the elements which will cause premature failure.
  2. Cheap Bulbs: A cheap HID bulb will be made of brittle plastic, poorly built o-rings, and an incorrect mixture of chemicals inside the bulb that give it the right color. Cheap bulbs will be a nightmare to deal with.
  3. AC VS DC Ballasts: DC ballasts are very simple to manufacture but they do not work as well. Because they are simple they are cheaper to buy and sell. Not only will a DC ballast not last as long but they could malfunction and damage the HID bulb.
  4. Wiring Connections: Cheap HID kits will skimp on as many of the components as possible, including packaging, instructions and in some cases the correct wiring to fit your vehicle. Sellers promoting cheap HID kits won’t tell you what you’re REALLY getting until it’s too late.
  5. Internal Components: The electronics used to build an HID ballast vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some strive for the highest quality that will run cooler, use less energy and produce a smooth output. Cheap HID ballasts will flicker and be choppy, use a lot of energy, run hot and generally not last very long.

I recommend the GTR Lighting Line of HID products:

GTR is High Quality

GTR Lighting bulbs use metal base for proper fitment, a ceramic insert for precise placement in the housing, and a more pure mixture of chemicals to produce the colors you want.

High Quality HID ballast

The GTR ballasts are waterproof, have a sleek mounting system, and high quality AC components used to build them. GTR Lighting brand of ballasts will last longer, look better and give you less headaches than a cheap HID it.