New LED Bulbs “WOW” Consumers

6w LED Bulbs

New high power 6w LEDs named the “TW6” lineup.

LED technology used for bulb replacements and upgrades has come a long way since Jam Straight introduced their LED bulb replacements years ago. The novelty of using LEDs for light bulbs in the enthusiasts car quickly wore off after experiencing the lack of power output from the early style LED products. Today with the invention of Surface Mount Technology and high power diodes, innovation and new technology is the name of the game in the LED bulb market and GTR Lighting is at the forefront of these developments.

The GTR Lighting TW6 LED bulbs are direct bulb replacements that are as bright as their 15 watt incandescent counterparts but use half of the electricity. TW6 stands for “6W Tower” which is a description of the specifications and shape of the LEDs. The newest generation of the TW6 LED bulbs is the dome shaped lens at the top which allows for superior light output than what was previously available. LEDs are uni-directional by nature and require special optics in order to produce any usable output pattern. The lens fitted to the top of the bulb offers a wide 120 degree output at the front and a 360 degree output around the side perimeter.

The TW6 lineup of high-power LED bulbs are available in most standard bulbs including 9005/H10, 7440/7443, 3156/3157, 1156, 1157, H7, H9/H11 and T10/921/194. If it’s a fog light, reverse light, marker or blinker you will be able to finally utilize an LED bulb with some power.

Fiero LED Lights

This image shows a Pontiac Fiero fitted with GTR Lighting TW6 bulbs in the reverse light housing and the increased light output gained from it. These bulbs are brighter than original and use less electricity.

6w LED bulbs

New high-power LED bulbs from GTR Lighting.

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