Projector Headlights for Sealed Beam – 7×6 Housings

7x6 Projectors

New headlights provide upgraded lighting for older vehicles.

Many vehicles from the past are outfitted with “sealed beam” headlights from the factory, which means that the headlight housing and the headlight “bulbs” are one and the same. There are no replaceable capsules like modern headlights and when the filament burns out the entire assembly needs to be replaced. We’ve seen this issue overcome multiple times in the past by manufacturers creating something called composite headlight conversions. This means you take a headlight housing (round or square) that is the same dimension as the old style sealed beam housing but the new product has replaceable light bulbs. This allows for less expensive and less time-consuming light bulb changes and the opportunity to upgrade with high power halogen light bulbs or HID conversion!


The problem that people have run into in the past with this type of product, however, is that when installing an HID component into these new headlight housings, the light output was super bright and blinding! In order to do away with this issue all together, GTR Lighting has introduced a line of single-beam housings that use real OEM grade projector lenses. The product line is called Tru-Projector and can be used with a halogen bulb or HID and provides the coveted cutoff line that all enthusiasts seem to be after today!

True Projector Housings

GTR Lighting Tru-Projector Headlights offer style and functionality!

7x6 Headlight Cutoff

OEM Grade Projectors create a sharp cutoff line for use with either halogen or HID bulbs.

This product has never existed before, so it is very exciting to be able to add an actual projector headlight to an older car. The two biggest benefits are performance and style. Not only do these headlights use a real projector assembly (not just a cheap lens) but they also utilize an LED halo ring constructed from fluted plexiglass. Simply wire the halo to your parking lights (2 wires, positive and negative) or a switch inside your vehicle for an updated custom look:

Halo 7x6 Headlights

LED Halos built into the housings.

Halo 7x6 Headlights

HID Lights turned on behind the projectors.

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7 responses to “Projector Headlights for Sealed Beam – 7×6 Housings

    • Hi ariley, these are a very popular headlight because there are not many options for this style of light. Your other options are a set of $1K+ headlight from JW Speaker, and most people don’t have that kind of money for their headlights. Normally production isn’t an issue but it’s a busy time of year for this type of product to be sold.

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