New GTR Lighting LED Interior Bulbs

36 mm LEDs

The new 1.5w LED festoon bulbs to replace all 36mm interior/dome lights.

I’d like to show you the new video put out by GTR Lighting about their new lineup of LED bulbs for the interior of your car or truck. These new high power LED bulb replacements come in a variety of styles and power ranges including 1 watt, 1.5 watt, and 3 watt. Please watch the new video showcasing the latest products here:

Universal and bulb-replacement products are available if you are in the market for interior LED bulb upgrades or for adding a splash of LED lighting ANYWHERE in your vehicle with the universal products. All LED bulbs from GTR Lighting are available in white, red, blue and amber for maximum options.

Rigid LED Festoon

A myriad of LED bulbs are available from the GTR Lighting lineup including this rare and hard to find “rigid loop” festoon bulb upgrade.

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