Exciting LED Headlight Technology – JW Speaker Brand

JW Speaker LED Headlights

7″ Round LED Headlights on a Jeep Wrangler add style, functionality and AWESOMENESS!

2 Years ago, LED Headlights were a fantasy – today they are a legitimate option for many automotive enthusiasts! With the help from JW Speaker Corp, a Wisconsin/USA manufacturer, it is now a possibility! LED headlights absolutely annihilate halogen lighting options in every category! Less electricity consumption, more efficient, less heat output, more lumen output, better looking! Because of recent advances in LED technology, and optics research and design, many consumers can replace halogen headlights with LED.

Jeep LED Lighting

Beautiful concept build for Jeep and Chrysler to announce it’s return to the Chinese market – outfitted with JW Speaker LED Headlights

Check out this review on a new Chrysler/Jeep Chinese Design Concept vehicle from AutoBlog:

The JW Speaker 7″ round LED Headlights fit a wide variety of different vehicles including: Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes Benz G500, Classic Chevrolet Chevelle, Classic Ford Mustang, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Older Volkswagen Golf and Jettas, and many other vehicles. The factory headlamps that come on these listed vehicles have an output rating of somewhere between 600 – 950 Lumen. A 35w HID lighting system will put out up to 3,500 Lumen, and these new LED headlights have an output of 1,400 Lumen! Not quite as mind-blowing as the HID counterpart, but the high-tech optical system used to send the lighting down the road makes it still very competitive as far as usable light goes.

Here are some more pictures of these LED Headlights:

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