4×6 Projector Headlight Housing Options

Single Beam LED head lamps

Today several options are available to upgrade your 4×6 headlights.

In the world of automobile customizing and upgrading, it is not uncommon to find a vehicle that uses a set of 4×6, or 165mm rectangular, headlights. It is common on older vehicles, like the short-lived Ford Mustang SVO, or the Ford Probe to use this type of headlight in a dual-beam sealed beam headlight that does both high beam and low beam. Then there’s other vehicles like many Peterbilt semi-trucks that use 4 different 4×6 headlights, 2 for low beam and 2 for high beam. No matter which configuration you have, it’s one of the favorite parts of the vehicle to modify for either style or performance. In this post I will discuss the different options that are available right now.

1. JW Speaker 8800 LED Headlights

The 4×6 LED Head Lamps by JW Speaker are model number 8800 and available in a high beam style or low beam style. These are designed to be able to be used in a 4-headlight system common in older cars and tractor trailers like Peterbilts and Kenworth trucks. These are the nicest, best performing and most expensive 4×6 headlights on the market. They utilize two D-Shaped LED projectors on the sides and one LED projector in the middle. Normally these would be used by purchasing two pairs, one pair for low beam and one pair for high beam, but it is possible to use these as a single beam headlight for a passenger car.

JW Speaker 165mm LED Lights

The JW Speaker 8800 LED headlight is the best option on the market but is also the most expensive.

2. GTR Lighting Tru-Projector 4×6 Headlights

The 4×6 projector/halo headlights by GTR Lighting are a great, inexpensive option that will allow you to use an H3 halogen bulb or an H3 single beam HID system. These headlights have a pretty decent light output, with a sharp cutoff and different colors available for the halo. These headlights look great and work even better. Perfect for show or increased light output, but also offers increased visibility and new technology style. The GTR Lighting 4×6 Projector headlights are a great, economical option that are easy to install and look great.

4x6 Projector and Halo Headlights

The GTR Lighting “Tru-Projector” 4×6 headlights feature a real projector lens and an LED halo.

3. Starr HID Projector with LED Accents

The 165mm / 4×6 projector headlights from Starr Lighting utilize a high quality 9005 style single beam projector housing with 6 LED accent lights around the outside of each projector. These headlights have a very unique look and are one of the most inexpensive projector headlights you can find in this style.

165mm Projector and LED Headlights

The 4×6 projector headlights from Starr feature a uniquely styled LED accent on each housing.


4. Starr HID 4×6 Quad HID Headlights

Last, and certainly not least, is the 4-lamp set by Starr HID. This is a truly unique system because it is super high quality, but is not suitable for pop-up headlights due to the deep design of the housing lens. The projectors used in the Starr HID housings are so incredible, that they are bigger than any other projector housing on the market. But they are great if you have fixed-headlights that do not go up and down.

The Starr HID XP4656 projector headlights utilize high quality GTR Lighting HID ballasts and OEM style HID bulbs. Also, they come with high power halogen 9005 bulbs for the high beam, which can also be upgraded to an HID system by using a conversion kit. This is a great system if you are looking for the best of the best, and can use it.

Starr HID 4x6 Projector Headlights

The best of the best, by Starr HID – utilizing OEM quality projectors and HID components.

3 responses to “4×6 Projector Headlight Housing Options

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  2. I want the headlight you mention in #2 from GTR. The picture’s exactly what I’ve been looking to find. However, I can’t find it anywhere in 4×6.

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