350z HID Bulb Upgrades

350z HID Bulbs

Upgrade your factory xenon bulbs with more stylish colors.

Does your Nissan 350z come with the optional xenon headlight package from the factory? The early year 350z, from 2003 until 2005, came with an optional HID low beam and a halogen high beam. If it didn’t come with facotry HID lows, then it had both high and low beam halogen lights. The later years, 2006+, came with only one style of headlights that employed a bi-xenon projector headlight. I just want to talk about the 350z cars that came with factory xenon bulbs.

All years and sub-models of the 350z came with projector headlights. The early style was single beam (using one bulb for high and one bulb for low) and the later years headlights came with dual beam xenon (one bulb did both high and low beam), but it doesn’t matter what year your 350z is, they all used the same bulb, it’s called a D2S, which is a very common OEM style xenon bulb.

350z Headligth Comparison

Showing the difference between early and later style Nissan 350z Headlight designs. The later style is far superior to the earlier style because it uses a much higher quality projector and bi-xenon technology.

It is very common for people to change out their factory xenon D2S bulbs with aftermarket bulbs for a few reasons. First off, sometimes even xenon bulbs will go bad after years of faithful service. It is far less expensive to replace the lights with aftermarket bulbs. Secondly, many enthusiasts prefer a more white, blue or golden hue to the light, and Philips nor Sylvania offer any color of OEM style bulbs than 4,300K. GTR Lighting offers an OEM HID bulb for the Nissan 350z in different colors, and that can handle a higher wattage ballast.

Today it is possible to get a 350z OEM HID bulb in colors from 3,000K up to 12,000K.

350z Aftermarket xenon

On the right side is the OEM 4,300K bulbs, and on the left side are aftermarket 8,000K xenon bulbs.

6000K HID Bulbs

Closeup of an early style 350z bulb, fitted with 6,000K HID Bulbs.

JDM Gold 350z Xenon Bulbs

Here is a unique site, 3,000K HID Bulbs, AKA “JDM Gold” installed as factory xenon bulb replacements.

Next time you want to upgrade the look of your Z car, or need to replace a burnt out HID bulb, consider using a high quality xenon D2-Series bulb from GTR Lighting.

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