What’s the best headlight for your Fiero?

Pontiac Fiero Head Light

Fiero with upgraded headlights and 10,000K Deep Blue HID bulbs! Old cars can be upgraded too!

The Pontiac Fiero is near and dear to my heart because it was the first “cool car” I had ever owned. I got my first one when I was 18, right after my 1986 Dodge Daytona died on the highway one day. So to match my pride for the Pontiac Fiero with my professional hobby of lighting upgrades just seems like an obvious exercise! I just finished making a video showcasing the most popular and the best (not always the same products) Fiero Headlight Upgrade Options in a video:

If you have a Fiero and you are contemplating upgrading the lighting, please take a few moments and watch this video before making your decision. Also, watch for more videos coming soon to complete this series of videos where I will test different headlight options on the road and show you how to actually install new headlights and do an HID conversion kit on the Fiero!

A Very Useful LED Flasher Module

GTR Lighting LED Flasher Module

LED Flasher module by GTR Lighting – designed for your brake lights to grab other drivers’ attention!

This description is for a LED flasher module commonly called the “F1 Flasher” and it’s designed for LED 3rd brake lights on cars and trucks.

If you search online long enough you will find a never-ending list of different flash or strobing products to customize your vehicle lighting. You can get “wig-wags” that flash light bulbs back and forth, you can get momentary or always-on flashers, it really just depends on what you are really trying to accomplish. One product that I have found that I really like is the new waterproof LED flasher module that is designed to be used on your LED 3rd brake lights. Some people have even used this product on their entire braking light system which works well also because the flasher can handle up to 10 amps of current draw. If all of your rear-facing lights on your car are LED then this isn’t a problem because it will likely be far below 10 amps.

The idea behind this flasher module is simple. You hit the brakes and your light flashes several times, very quickly, and then stays on steady until you release the brake pedal. When you hit the brake pedal again it will flash again and then stay on steadily until you let go; and again and again and again. This modulating brake light function will grab other drivers’ attention behind you and they will be more attentive to your driving, and your vehicle in general. This is really a safety product, but it’s pretty cool too!

The other think I like about it is that the install is fool proof and the product itself is water tight! There are only two wires to hook up. You cut your power wire in half, send one of the flasher module wires to one side and the other flasher module wire to the other side. Also the guts of this particular 3rd brake light LED strobe module are all potted in black silicone and will not let any moisture inside – this is particularly important because sometimes, where you will mount this product could possibly be exposed to the elements, depending on the installation:

GTR Lighting waterproof LED strobe

The internals of this LED strobe module are “potted” with silicone so no moisture can reach the circuit board.

LED Strobe Brakes

Easy install – wire two wires in series with the power wire for your OEM 3rd brake light wiring. How much more simple could it get?

Here’s a video demonstration of this product installed on a Jeep Grand Cherokee 3rd brake light:

Difference between 9004 and 9007 Bulbs

Single Beam 9004/9007 HID Bulbs

In the HID world 9004 and 9007 bulbs are the same type. This picture shows the single beam style of these bulbs in HID.

It is truly incredible how many different headlight bulbs exist in the automotive 12v lighting world, why are there so many different styles to choose from? Is one style truly better than the other? Does an H4 headlight bulb produce a better light output than a 9007? Is a 5202 a better fog light bulb than a 9145? These questions come up all the time, and the answers to them are debatable but because of the insane selection of light bulbs available today’s selection of aftermarket LED and HID bulb options can be difficult to navigate.

In order to reduce the amount of products retailers need to carry on their shelves, aftermarket manufacturers have created “one size fits all” types of bulb replacement products. For example: The 9145, H10 and 9005 halogen/incandescent light bulbs all use the same style of base but each one is rated at different wattage levels and produce different amounts of light. In the LED and HID world, all of those bulbs are now replaced by a single bulb, most commonly called the 9005.
Similarly, the 9004 and 9007 halogen/incandescent light bulbs are nearly identical, but they have some stark differences. First is the pin configuration: The 9007 has the ground pin in the middle, and high/low positive pins on the outside. The 9004 has the ground pin on one side, and in the middle and other side are the positive pins for high beam and low beam. In this diagram you can see the differences between these two light bulbs:

9004 vs 9007 headlight bulbs

9004 and 9007 incandescent light bulbs are nearly identical but have distinct characteristic differences.

When you try to upgrade your headlights that take either a 9004 ORĀ  a 9007 with HID you will be presented with only one bulb option, that upon installation, must be configured to suit your needs: The HID version of the bulb will have the notches cut out to fit either a 9004 or 9007 bulb and you will be able to swap the pins around to fit either style of bulb:

9004 9007 gtr lighting xenon

The GTR Lighting 9004/9007 bi-xenon HID kit is the nicest product currently available in the aftermarket.

If you are looking for a good HID product to upgrade your 9004 or 9007 dual beam headlights to HID, we recommend the new metal-based bulb kit from GTR Lighting. It comes with a pair of stylish and high-tech “swing” bulbs along with a new waterproof relay harness. Normally when you receive this type of HID kit in the mail the 9004/9007 style blue plug on the relay harness will be configured for the more popular 9007 wiring. In order to make this kit work with a 9004 style headlight all that is required is to swap the pins around to be in the correct orientation.