Where do you go to buy lighting products wholesale?

12v Lighting Wholesale Website

This is a screen shot of our 12v Lighting Wholesale website.

I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there and I’ll tell you how to buy the best lights in the world, wholesale!


This blog is all about automotive lighting products, and the theme is pretty universal- it can apply to industrial work trucks, sport cars, off road trucks or anything you happen to be driving today. The reason I write about these things is because lighting is my life. It’s the only thing my company sells, and I spend the majority of every day thinking about, talking about or selling LIGHTS! I make videos demonstrating the products and doing installs, I give advice to people about what they should use for their particular project and and from time to time I even do a little installing myself – it’s important to not lose those skills in this industry!

The reason we do what we do is because the best lighting products in the world are really really cool! In order to be around those products, and to do business with those companies, we started a wholesale and distribution company ourselves and offer only the best of the best. This blog is called Better Automotive Lighting, but I really like to think that’s what we offer our companies!

Small Business Wholesale Lighting

We offer our customers ONLY THE BEST 12v lighting products!

Whether you are a one-man shop that provides sales and install services to your local community, or if you run a mutli-location store chain, we can help you get your hands on the best of the best in the mobile 12v lighting industry! As long as you have the same dedication to quality products and service like we do, Top Line Group Automotive Wholesale Lighting wants to help you succeed in your market place!

Here are some of the brands we offer with wholesale pricing programs:

GTR Lighting
Vision X
JW Speaker
Eagle Eye Lights
Starr HID
Heretic Studios


Jeep Lighting Wholesale

We sell the best and brightest Off Road Lighting products in the world!

Whether you have a project for work and you need to light up a field, or you race at night and need to see a thousand feet in front of your vehicle, or you participate in car shows and want to light up the ground or interior of your vehicle we can help! Our specialty is small business and supplying you with the best lighting products in the world, fast and reliably! Please contact us if you are interested in buying 12v Lighting Products through a wholesale distributor!


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