New High/Low 4×6″ LED Headlights – A first of its kind!

GTR Lighting 4x6 LED Headlights

The first dual-beam LED 4×6 Headlight to hit the aftermarket is now available!

Many vehicles use sealed beam headlights, including commercial/industrial/military vehicles & older passenger vehicles (Like the Dodge Stealth for example) and sealed beam headlights come in 4 main sizes: 5×7″ Rectangle, 4×6″ Rectangle, 7″ Round and 6″ Round. For a long time different lighting companies have had LED headlight replacements for these sealed beam headlights, but never before has there been a “high beam & low beam in one” product for the smaller square 4×6″ size. Now, finally, there is! Introducing the new 12 watt 4×6 High/Low LED Headlight from GTR Lighting!

Stealth 3000GT 4x6 LED Headlight

The first high/low LED 4×6″ headlight, made by GTR Lighitng!

The reason this product has not existed yet is because this headlight is used mostly by semi trucks, which use 4 headlights: two for low beam and two for high beam. The amount of the automobile market that uses a high/low headlight is very small, so manufacturers have long since ignored it – but no longer!

These LED headlights are an awesome upgrade for any vehicle because they are way brighter than stock and require less energy to operate. On low beam, these headlights produce 1,200 lumens of light output and use 1.5w of power. On high beam, these headlights produce 2,400 lumens of light output and use about 3w of power. This is a lot more light than stock and a lot less energy used to do it! This is why LED headlights are the new craze all around the world.

165mm LED Headlights, high/low beam

LED headlights are super-bright!


9 responses to “New High/Low 4×6″ LED Headlights – A first of its kind!

  1. What about the J.W.Speaker Model 880 High/Low light? It’s 4×6 and has both low and high beam and it’s road legal unlike this worklight.

    • Hi Todd, great question! JW Speaker has three 4×6″ LED headlights: The #8800L (Low Beam Only), #8800H (High Beam Only) and the 8800 H/L (High and Low Beam). In the video I showed you the 8800L for a comparison on how much better the light output is compared to the GTR Lighting product.
      About the 8800 H/L, you can see the specification sheet here:

      The problem with 8800 H/L is that it is roughly the 4×6″ shape, but it’s not made to be a drop-in replacement for sealed beam headlights in passenger cars. Firstly, it is about 4.5″ x 6.6″, which may not fit some 4×6 openings. Secondly, it is 4″ deep with no tapering on the back side – it’s totally square in the back – which means you’d have to modify the headlight fixture of almost any car to make this fit. Lastly, the 8800 H/L has 3 cast mounting tabs on the outside frame of the light because it’s designed to be flush-mounted on a flat surface in industrial or universal applications.

      What it comes down to is that “Yes” JW Speaker does have a 4×6 high/low LED headlight, but it’s not designed to be used as a replacement headlight for passenger vehicles. You could theoretically use the JW 8800 H/L in a car with 4×6 headlights, but you would need to modify both the headlight AND the housing on the car that holds it in place.

  2. Pingback: 4x6 LED headlights with HIGH/LOW beams - 3000GT/Stealth International Message Center

    • The last video needed to be taken down due to some major product revisions. We had just got in the product brand new from the manufacturer and did the review. Shortly thereafter they revised the product and our video was immediately obsolete.

      We will be doing another video of this product and several other LED 4×6 headlights soon.

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