How to install HIDs in 2013 Dodge Ram with Projector Headlights

2013 1500 HID Kit Install

Factory Projector Headlights

The 2013 Dodge Ram is available from your local Dodge dealer with optional factory-installed projector headlights with infra-red/halogen light bulbs. Many people wonder why they didn’t come with factory HID lighting, and even more people are curious if it’s even possible to install an HID conversion kit on this truck! There’s no guess work involved anymore. The GTR Lighting GEN 3 or GEN 4 HID ballasts are plug and play on Dodge Ram trucks.

You can follow the process step by step to see exactly what parts to use and how the install is actually done! We found that using the 3rd Genereation CANBUS Pro ballast from GTR Lighting makes the install smooth! We did not need to use any extra parts like a relay harness, resistors, warning canceller module or capacitors – everything is plug and play!

2013 Dodge Ram HID Conversion Kit Install using GTR Lighting CANBUS Ballasts.

2013 Dodge Ram HID Conversion Kit Install using GTR Lighting CANBUS Ballasts.


18 responses to “How to install HIDs in 2013 Dodge Ram with Projector Headlights

    • I think the manufacturer’s reasoning for not going with HID lighting is because they thought they could get “almost as good” output by just using the HIR bulbs. However it seems strange that they would go through the trouble of putting in projector headlights and not “finishing” the job with HID lighting.

  1. Link is bad.
    I have several questions about your kits
    Obviously I’m nervous about installing these because I don’t want to mess up my brand new truck. I’ve been doing as much homework as I can
    What assurances can you offer?

    Some of the issues I’ve experienced before with other kits (on a different vehicle) are
    Radio static
    Bulb out alerts
    Taking a long time to “warm up”
    Also since this truck has lighted approach (which I like) how do these kits respond to that?
    I ask all these questions under the assumption that you’ve kept up with the owner of the Ram from the install video

    I may think of more ?’s but I am a serious buyer but I want to make 100% sure I’m getting what I want/need

    Where are you located and where are your parts made?
    Are these ballasts “can-bus”? I’m told that’s a must for this truck

  2. I was helping my buddy install these kits in his ’13 1500, after getting everything installed the low beam kit will not work. We tried switching the ballasts from highs to lows and the highs remained to work while the lows still would not. Any ideas of why the low beams will not work?

    • Cody, if the kit is from GTR Lighting it should work without any extra parts and be plug and play. From time to time though we’ve seen the adapter harness that connects to the factory headlight bulb wiring be wired backwards. Try unplugging it at the original headlight wiring and flip it around. If at that time it turns on, then you know you have reverse polarity wiring and either leave the connector flipped like that, or re-pin one of the two connectors to fit the right way around.

    • The biggest issue with installing HID conversion kits in any vehicle is reverse polarity. If the wires are backwards on the truck it won’t fire the HID ballast. Try switching the wires around so your red and black wires going to the ballast are backwards.

  3. I just installed this set in my 2014 ram 1500 longhorn with the projector headlights
    Install went great no problems and they work as advertised, plug and play no relays or extra wiring involved.
    I would recommend these to any ram owner with the projector headlights.

  4. I want to install this on my RAM i have a 2014 RAM Laramie…. i have the Laramie projector lamps like the one in the picture, therefore if i am not mistaking i will only have to change the light bulbs?…….and i want to order this kit….. but do you ship internationally….. Email me please

  5. I got these installed and a mechinal shop and now I’m getting bulb outages on my truck saying the front low beam is out and the rear tailight which neither of them are

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