The most popular car at SEMA 2012: The FR-S and BR-Z

Custom Body FRS

This Custom-Bodied Scion FR-S was painted with a unique flat orange color and a custom body.

Where the Nissan 350z and Toyota Supra have dominated in SEMA’s of old and car shows in general as the display car of choice, this year’s convention exhibitors made a statement loud and clear that there is a new kid on the block – and he’s more popular than ever! There was probably no more than one 4th generation Supra at the show, and it was just in the car show – nobody wanted to display with it in their booths but who can blame them, with the newest Supra being all of 10 years old. You could say that the Scion FR-S is kind of the new Supra, but what about the LFA? Not a single Lexus LFA was at the show, even though there were no shortage of super cars.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this car’s abundance was the fact there were hardly any Subaru BR-Z (which is essentially the exact same car). Why all the Scion love while the Subaru gets ignored? Is the market for enthusiasts really that different between the twins? The Scion and Toyota have the same tail lights and headlights, many same body panels and interior parts, and most people on the street wouldn’t be able to tell them apart without noticing the badges.

No matter why the reason for the sudden explosion of interest and professional demo use of the car, if you’re looking at the new “king of sports cars”, you’ll find it in the Scion FR-S. Check out this photo gallery of SOME of the FR-S cars that were on display!

Nicksquared Rally Race Team Sponsored by GTR Lighting

Nick Squared GTR Lighting

Team Nicksquared, Rally Race Car Drivers, have been sponsored by GTR Lighting!

Team Nicksquared, comprised of driver Nicholas Robertson and Nick Judkins, drives Rally America car #202; a 2012 Subaru Legacy STI race car. The vehicle was ordered by the team specifically to be turned into a race car, so now with less than 5,000 miles on the clock it is set to debut at the LSPR (Lake Superior Pro Rally) event in late October. With intentions of nothing but becoming the best in the industry, this team has really set themselves up to achieve those goals. They are starting with arguably the best car for the sport, the best safety equipment, driving skills that Pastrana would be jealous of and now, the best lighting in the world! GTR Lighting has chosen to sponsor the team by upgrading every original light bulb on the car with either an HID conversion kit or an LED replacement bulb, including:

GTR Lighting OEM Style Low Beam HID D2C 5,000K Bulbs
GTR Lighting 35w High Beam HID Conversion Kit 5,000K
GTR Lighting 55w Fog Lights HID Conversion Kit 3,000K
GTR Lighting Front TW6 Style Amber LED Turn Signal Bulbs
GTR Lighting Rear TW6 Style Amber LED Turn Signal Bulbs
GTR Lighting Ceramic-Based 1 watt 194 Style LED License Plate Bulbs
GTR Lighting TW6 Style White Reverse Light LED Bulbs
GTR Lighting Subaru Logo LED Door Projectors

Team Nicksquared sponsored by GTR Lighting

The GTR Lighting sponsored race car from Team Nicksquared, Rally America car #202.

GTR Lighting Sponsors the Team nicksquared

Team Nicksquared posing next to their new race car, ready to win!

Team Nicksquared rally car

Car #202 ripping through the dirt, on the way to victory in the Rally America circuit.

For more information on the team, visit Team Nicksquared on Facebook here. For more information on the sponsor, GTR Lighting, visit the GTR website here.

Camaro HID Headlights found in northern Minnesota!

1984 Chevy H4666 Conversion

This Camaro mixes ’80s style with new technology using HID Headlights!

I had the pleasure of attending the Cars & Coffee event in Bemidji, MN this past labor day weekend and there was a 1984 Chevy Camaro there with aftermarket housings and an HID kit. I’m not much of  a fan of the color used (8,000K) on this particular car, but the lighting upgrade was great! The way the owner of the car did it was to replace the original 4×6 sealed beam headlight housings with a pair of new 4×6″ composite headlight housings then added an H4 HID conversion kit. This headlight system was totally plug and play for this Camaro and the output of light from these headlights over stock was absolutely incredible! If you want better lights then you should look into a Camaro 4×6 Headlight kit for your car – you’ll never go back to regular lights again!

GTR Lighting Camaro Xenon

4×6 Headlight Housings and a GTR Lighting HID Kit fitted in this 1984 Chevy Camaro.

The Bemidji Cars and Coffee event was a lot of fun and it was cool to see other people from northern Minnesota and how they’ve been enjoying their cars and trucks this summer! At the event there was a Nissan 350z, Eagle Talon TSi, a new and an old Honda Civic as well as a new Jeep SRT8 and and a new Dodge Ram, about 18 vehicles total.

Back To The 50’s Car Show – Halogen Sealed Beams Everywhere!

back to the 50s

This custom low-rider was getting lots of attention even though it had stock sealed beam headlights!

This past weekend was the 39th annual Back to the 50s car show held at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds in St. Paul, MN. I got to go for a day and see everything and I must say the event was a blast! There were big name vendors like Chevrolet, Rousch, Ford and many smaller local vendors like Union Speed & Style and lots of flea-market style setups selling all sorts of automotive goodies! It was just incredible to see so many restored classics, hot rods, street rods and wild custom muscle cars. Arguably the biggest attraction for myself was trying to spot the different lighting upgrades these enthusiasts were doing to their classic domestic rides. It was unfortunate to see so many cars with stock halogen sealed beam headlights though. The vast majority of these vehicles had stock headlights, tail lights and interior lighting. It was only a characteristic of the nicest of all vehicles in attendance to have upgraded headlights.

Back To the 50s

Crowds of people watching parades of classic cars!

I noticed a trend throughout the entire show, that was if a vehicle did have upgraded forward lighting, it was a stock-style composite housing with a blue halogen light bulb inside. I did not see a single HID conversion kit fitted car, or any type of radical LED headlight. I thought for sure there would be SOMEONE there with some crazy headlights, I must have just missed them. The second most common site to see on these cars was some type of film or vinyl over the headlight to give it a different look, but sometimes it was even done on the stock sealed beam headlights! We saw mostly 7″ round headlights and many 5.25″ round headlights, but I don’t think anyone had rectangular headlights in attendance. It really goes to show how far headlight design has changed since the middle of the 20th century. If you need new headlights for your classic car, then look no further than Headlight Revolution. You can replace all of your sealed beam headlights, of any style with HID, halogen, or even new LED technology. Simply visit

Unusual Headlights Found at Bemidji, MN Cars and Coffee

Excited for the event!

If there’s anything I love more than working cars and selling car parts, it’s enjoying the fruits of the hobby and attending events. This past weekend was a beautiful time for outdoor events and I had the pleasure to attend the small Cars & Coffee event in Bemidji, MN. This is their first event so there were only 14 vehicles in attendance, but much fun was had by all! You can view the entire photo album from this event at the C&C Bemidji Facebook Page here.

Something that I saw that was really cool that I want to touch on were a couple vehicles in attendance with some very unique and special headlights. First is a 2005 Nissan 350z with 3,000K HID projector headlights and white LED city lights. Second is a 1985 Pontiac Fiero with 5×7″ LED headlights from JW Speaker:

1) This 2005 Nissan 350z came from the factory with stock D2S style HID bulbs and the owner swapped them out with a set of 3,000K (JDM Gold) bulbs. Instead of doing what most people do by going to a more white or blue color, this car went to the opposite side of the spectrum for a golden look. The cool part about it though was the contrast between the bright golden (not dingy yellow like stock lights) and the bright white LED city light in the corner. It makes it look very original and creates a dual-headlight illusion from further away. The LED bulbs (5-LED 194 Style bulbs by GTR Lighting) are very bright and reflect off the inside of the housing nicely.

GTR Lighting 3K D2S

Custom 350z HID Headlights featuring 3,000K HID bulbs and white city lights.

Bemidji Cars and Coffee

Nissan 350z with custom HID headlights.

2) A surprise at the show was this 1985 Pontiac Fiero, which originally came fitted with H6054 sealed beam headlights, was now sporting a pair of JW Speaker #8900 LED headlights. These 5×7″ housings are a direct plug and play for the original lamps and are both high tech and stylish. The top/center projector focuses one high power LED for the low beam function and the lower two projectors focus another set of high power LED chips for the high beam function.

Fiero LED Headlight housings

1985 Fiero with LED Headlamps from JW Speaker

Bemidji Cars and Coffee

Pontiac Fiero with LED Headlights

Bemidji Cars and Coffee

Pontiac Fiero with LED Headlights and Daytime Running Lights.

All in all it was a great day for the event and it was even more fun to see the creative lighting products displayed by the attendees! Can’t wait until next time!