eBay Vs The World – Better Headlights

eBay Honda Headlight Review

Ebay seems to have the market cornered on Honda Headlights.

When is the last time you or somebody you know went looking for aftermarket vehicle-specific headlights online? You’ve really only got a few options: either visit a brick-and-mortar store and hopefully they have a better avenue to purchase them than the average consumer online does, visit Amazon.com, visit eBay.com or carid.com. The reason for this is that the market is flooded with cheap aftermarket projector headlights and nobody seems to sell anything that is really BETTER than anything else. Today, eBay Motors is one of the largest online retailers of vehicle-specific aftermarket headlights but they are no different than what anyone else sells.

You can visit a premium reseller to get a price, then check eBay or Amazon to get the exact same product, just as quickly, for less money. Where is the value being added if it’s all the same product that you can get from anyone? The problem is that because of the access to all the same products the internet has miniaturized the retail automotive lighting game. Why buy from someone who will look at the EXACT SAME vendor as you are (ebay, amazon, carid, etc…) and mark it up 10% + shipping + tax? I think it’s a bit silly to expect the modern consumer to pay local retailers more for the same products – there needs to be something differentiated.

Now there is: Starr HID has a line of vehicle specific headlights that are as good or better than original equipment manufacturer parts, but they have an aftermarket flair: blacked out housings, cool projectors, and beautiful DOT approved construction. These headlights, available for a small number of vehicles, are the solution to the problem of abundant mediocrity in automotive light housings sold online. They are 3 times the price of a normal crappy headlight, but it’s what will make your store stand out from the crowd.

Check out this video review I did comparing the standard ebay/generic projector headlight to a Starr HID Projector Headlight for the Honda Accord and you be the judge:

Starr HID is the best of the best in automotive headlight products, and they offer a level of product quality that is unparalleled in the automotive lighting industry. Take a few minutes to watch the video and understand for yourself what really is the difference between a regular headlight product and an incredible headlight product.

The Ultimate Projector Headlights

Starr HID is the Ultimate Projector Headlight Company!