The World’s Only DOT Approved Street Legal LED Light Bar

JW Speaker DOT Approved LED Light Bar

JW Speaker DOT Approved LED Light Bar

If you’ve been looking for light bars for your vehicle, you’ll see that most all of them are for off-road use only.  The JW Speaker Model 9049-M light bar is the is the first of its kind: it was designed with on road driving as an option. When first released, the 9049 was even labeled as DOT approved. This statement was later retracted as the light bar was said to be three individual lights. In most states, a driver can have at most four driving lights on at a time. The JW Speaker 9049 light bar creates a wide, low, fog light beam pattern unlike off-road light bars. Watch the video below to get a full review of the 9049 light bar.

JW Speaker TS3000 – The Brightest of its Kind!

The JW Speaker TS3000 has the brightest Candela light you will find in this size range. An individual TS3000 has 117,500 Candela output. Most people think the only important thing is the Lumen number but Candela is equally as important if not more important. Lumen is the amount of light the product produces but Candela is a measurement of how well that light is used. Candela is kind of like an efficiency rating of the lumen. The JW Speaker products have a very high Candela rating. The more intelligence that is put into the design of the light the more efficient it can be made and therefore the higher Candela rating. JW Speaker excels in some of the best lighting engineering in the world, it’s no wonder their lights are so impressive.

JW Speaker TS3000 & TS3000R

JW Speaker TS3000 & TS3000R

The TS3000 comes in many different options. You can get a flood pattern or a pencil beam pattern, you can get a black or silver housing and you can get the TS3000v or the TS3000R. The TS3000V is a 5×7″ oval and the TS3000R is a 6″ round housing. The driving beam (DOT Flood) projects out an impressive 1,600 feet with a generous foreground illumination, while the extremely long pencil beam shoots its focused beam a full 2,600 feet.  The die-cast aluminum housing incorporates an integrated mounting bracket. This means that the lamp is incredibly stable and won’t suffer from vibration. As you can see below it can be mounted in many different locations.

8 TS3000s mounted on 1 Jeep

8 TS3000s mounted on 1 Jeep!

Over at Headlight Revolution we found an in depth video about the JW Speaker TS3000. If you want to learn more about these powerful lights watch this unboxing, review and demonstration below.

Are LED Headlights Legal?

Many consumers are concerned with whether or not the headlights they are interested in will pass an inspection or be considered “DOT Approved”. It’s a safe bet that if your headlights are rated as “DOT approved” then yes they are legal to use. Many headlight products seem like they are just as good as others because of a certain Lumen rating or quality control, but a true head light should have two main characteristics:

1. Have a separate low beam and high beam (or only one beam)

2. Have some kind of focus of the beam pattern so it doesn’t blind other drivers

JW Speaker 8900

LED Projector Headlights from JW Speaker are among the best in the world!

If the LED headlights you are looking at do not advertise that they are certified or approved by the DOT then chances are they are not truly legal to use on the road. Another good indicator on whether or not the headlights you’re looking to buy are good quality is if they say “SAE Certified”:
SAE is an international professional organization of engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries dedicated to continuing education and standards development. It exists to advance the interests of the mobility and related industries through development of performance standards and administration of quality assurance, accreditation, and certification programs as well as related activities for the benefit of industry, government, and the general public.

If a product is listed as “SAE Certified” it means that it was sent to the SAE for testing and certification and the stamp basically means “This is a really high quality product!”. If a product is listed as “DOT Approved” or “DOT Certified” it just means that the manufacturers built it to spec and regulation to meet certain standards. Nothing needs to be submitted to the DOT to achieve this certification, it’s actually up to the manufacturer to determine whether or not their product meets the requirements.

Right now there are only a handful of companies that are producing LED headlights, such as JW Speaker, Truck-Lite, Pilot Automotive, GTR Lighting, United Pacific, Oracle and maybe a couple others. That’s just what I can think of off the top of my head. So, do your own research and look at what the manufacturer’s say about their own products. If they say it’s SAE Approved and DOT Certified, then take their word for it!

Starr HID Offers OEM Performance with Aftermarket Flair!

Bi-Xenon 7" Round Projector Headlights

This set of black-backed headlights are one of the absolute best on the market from Starr HID.

Recently I reviewed a set of Starr HID™ 7″ Round Bi-Xenon replacement Housings, part number HID-XP6024. The thing that I like about these lights the most is not only do they use OEM Philips brand components, including D1S xenon bulbs, but they also LOOK AWESOME! I mean, check out this Hummer H2 with the Starr HID headlights:

HID-XP6024 for Hummer H2

Starr HID headlights make this Hummer look extra-awesome.

The next best thing about these headlights has got to be the light output. Many consumers of fine lighting products already know that an HID conversion kit in a halogen/reflector style headlight doesn’t work as well as an OEM xenon system because that housing wasn’t made for HID light output. So sometimes the beam pattern output is scattered and has hot spots on the road. When a vehicle comes with original equipment high intensity discharge headlights the beam pattern is restricted and nearly perfect. The Starr HID headlights offer the best of both worlds: OEM Performance with Aftermarket Flair! Check out this comparison between the JW Speaker 7″ LED Headlights and the XP6024 7″ HID Headlight:

Starr HID vs JW Speaker

Starr HID Headlights low beam on the right, JW Speaker LED Headlights low beam on the left.

Xenon lamp out put

Another light output picture of the Starr HID headlights close against a wall to demonstrate the cutoff line, the high beam function and the smooth output pattern. This picture shows the headlights in their high beam state.

So in a nut shell, the Starr 7″ Round HID Headlights have a great (3 years) warranty, DOT certified, beautiful construction, great light output and they look fantastic when installed. I definitely give these headlights a thumbs up, and if you’re interested in getting your hands on a set, visit

You can watch the full, fairly long winded, review video here: