5×7″ LED Headlight Options and Comparisons

If you are in the market on getting some new 5×7′ or 7×6′ headlights for your vehicle and don’t know where to look, look no further. We found a video that goes in-depth and demonstrates all of the best 5×7″ (AKA 7×6″) LED headlight options available to replace your H6054 and H6052 headlights. The video goes over each light individually, including physical features, specs, and light output against the wall to compare.

First we have the United Pacific 31297 5×7″ LED Headlight.

United Pacific 31297 LED headlight

Low Beam, United Pacific 5x7" LED Headlight

Low Beam, United Pacific 5×7″ LED Headlight

High Beam, United Pacific 5x7" LED Headlight

High Beam, United Pacific 5×7″ LED Headlight


The next LED Headlight is the JW Speaker 8900 5×7″ LED Headlight.

JW speaker 8900 LED Headlight

Low Beam, JW Speaker LED Headlight

Low Beam, JW Speaker LED Headlight

High Beam, JW Speaker LED Headlight

High Beam, JW Speaker LED Headlight


And here is the Truck-Lite 5×7″ LED Headlight.

Truck Lite 27450C LED Headlight

Low Beam, Truck-Lite LED Headlight

Low Beam, Truck-Lite LED Headlight

High Beam, Truck-Lite LED Headlight

High Beam, Truck-Lite LED Headlight


If you would like to watch the full review, click the video below.

How to install KC HiLiTES 7″ LED Headlights in the Jeep Wrangler

We recently came across this product install of the 7″ Round KC HiLiTES LED Headlights in a Jeep Wrangler. Keep reading to see how this Wrangler owner did the project.

Re-posted from the Wrangler Forum.  Write-up and pictures by user HSKR4X4 on http://www.wranglerforum.com.

KC HiLiTES 7″ LED Headlight Install

Install time: 20-45 minutes
Rating: EASY!
Let’s get started! Hopefully I am making this as easy as possible for those that are experienced and to newbies that have never touched their Jeeps. Here is what comes in box. (Make sure you obviously have both lights and both harnesses before starting)


Tools needed:
Flat Head Screwdriver
T10 Torx Screwdriver
Pick Tool

First you need to undo the blinker/running lights on grille. You have two options depending on what you find easier. You can pull red tab, press the harness bottom tab and pull harness, or you can just twist the light housing and light when come out with harness still attached.

jeep wrangler blinker and harness

Next, opening hood. On each side of front of hood you will have two latches. You will need to pull back those hood latches on each side for hood to open enough to unlatch hood lever under hood. **Note** to Jeep owners that have never owned a Jeep before. There isn’t a hood lever to pull inside of Jeep.

Jeep wrangler hood latch

After propping the hood open, you will see on the top of grille 6 black push button tabs.

push tabs under jeep hood

Here is where you will need the flat head screwdriver and pick.

First take flat head screwdriver and pop at the plastic pin in the tab. (If the entire push button comes out that is fine)
Then take pick and gently go under tab to pop out.

After all 6 tabs are completely pulled out it is time to gently pull corners of grille. On each end of grille there is tabs behind and also down lower middle section. By pulling one or possibly even both ends “gently” that will help pull the rest of grille from Jeep.

taking out push tabs to release jeep grille

Place grille aside and this is what your Jeep should look like at this point.

removed Jeep grille

Now it is time to start pulling your factory headlights! Grab your T10 torx screwdriver (I’ve heard some Jeeps have a different size) and unscrew the chrome ring that goes around the actual headlight.

unscrewing jeep headlights

**BE AWARE THAT ONCE ALL FOR TORX SCREWS ARE PULLED, THE HEADLIGHT CAN FALL OUT** Make sure you are holding light in place with one of your hands!

unscrewing jeep headlights 2

Now that the ring is pulled, gently pull light out so you can see wiring harness behind.

**Note** My harness will be different due to having the KC HiLiTES H4 coversion 7″ Headlight upgrade.

On the wiring harness you will need to pull the red tab out then push the harness tab button and pull wiring harness apart.

jeep wrangler headlight harness

Once you have both headlights and harnesses pulled this is what you should have and what stage your Jeep should look like. Good time to grab some glass cleaner and wipe the grime off the chrome ring.

jeep with removed headlights removed jeep headlights


Grab your new KC HiLiTES LED Headlights and harnesses and attach the yellow three pronged plug in to the back of headlight housing.

KC HiLiTES 7inch LED headlight back and harness

KC HiLiTES 7 LED headlights with harness attached

Now take headlights back to Jeep for final install!

Take wiring harness and plug back in to the green harness that is hard wired in to the Jeep. (Make sure after attaching harnesses to push back in red tab)

attaching KC HiLiTES 7inch  LED headlight to jeep

Next is lining up the headlights. (There is 4 little rectangle grooves that match up with the 4 rectangle boxes that will help you line up new headlights perfectly)

Once you have your headlight lined up, slide back on the chrome ring and start screwing in the 4 torx screws.

KC HiLiTES 7 inch LED headlight in place

Now that you have both headlights installed, check to make sure your low/high beams work!

KC HiLiTES 7inch LED headlight high and low


It is now time to put the grille back.

On each end once again there is two tabs and the rest will be holes to help you line up grille.

reinstalling jeep grille

Once lined up gently tap in from one side to other and you will see/hear everything go back in to place.

reinstalling jeep grille

Now that grill is lined up, take the tabs and put back in the 6 holes then take the 6 pins and slide in to the tab holes (They can only go in one way due to the grooves so don’t force)

jeep tabs and pins to hold grille

You’re now at the FINAL STEPS!

Put the blinker/running lights harness or lights back in.

installing jeep blinkers

Close hood and latch down…


installed KC HiLiTES 7 inch LED headlights

If you want to get your own set of 7″ Round LED Headlights from KC HiLites, you can find them for sale and many other LED headlights to fit your Jeep Wrangler here at Headlight Superstore!

Is LED superior to HID?

When trying to decide which auxiliary off-road lighting or headlights for your vehicle, nowadays it’s a tough choice whether or not to go with HID or LED. For HID there are some reasonable options that are cost-effective when comparing to LED. However, HID cannot hold a candle to LED’s power consumption and lifespan. For headlights, it all depends on the application and your desired effect.

If you have a Jeep Wrangler, semi truck or an older vehicle that uses sealed beam headlights, then you can use LED headlights, or several different HID options. Starr HID makes vehicle specific projector HID headlights that are very high quality or you can just use a GTR Lighting HID conversion kit. If you have a 7″ round, 6″ Round, 4×6″ Rectangular or 5×7″ Rectangular sealed beam setup then you can use a full LED headlight from a company like Truck-Lite, JW Speaker or GTR Lighting. The differences will be this:

  • HID Headlights will Be Brighter, by about double
  • HID Headlights will not last as long. LED Headlights last 10x longer than HID
  • LED Headlights are the new technology, they look cooler and draw 1/10 the energy to operate
  • Some LED Headlights are brighter than stock
  • HID Headlights are available in a range of different colors
  • HID Headlights can be used in any application
  • LED Headlights have a narrow application range
  • Most LED Headlight Bulb replacements are not bright enough yet to be safe (hard to know which ones can be used safely)
JW Speaker makes some of the world's best LED headlight and LED off-road products.

JW Speaker makes some of the world’s best LED headlight and LED off-road products.

When looking at off-road lighting and comparing HID to LED it’s not quite as difficult of a choice but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • HID Headlights will be much cheaper. A 6″ 35w HID off-road light will run anywhere from $150 – $500
  • 35w HID will produce 3,000 – 3,600 Lumens of output. 55w HID will produce 4,500 – 5,500 Lumens of output.
  • LED is available in many configurations running from 900 Lumens (a single 10w LED product) all the way up to 35,000 Lumens (Vixion X XIL-PX7240)
  • LEDs will traditionally draw less energy than HID
  • HID and LED can both be found in long-range configurations

Overall, in terms of which is better for headlights, it’s a toss-up because the LED technology has not been developed far enough to be a universal application. But I predict in the future LED headlights will take over the world – they are the future.

In terms of LED off-road lighting, hands-down LED takes the cake, compared to LED off-road lighting, HID is old news. You will never find a viable HID option that will make over 40,000 Lumens (even that is stretching the imagination) and with LED it’s already easy to put 100,000 Lumens on the front of your truck.

Dodge Ram HID Lights

This 2010 Dodge Ram has a total of 9 HID lights on the front end! Talk about creating a wall of light! A total of 31,500 Lumens of light output!

What are LED Headlights?

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode” and the technology has come leaps and bounds in just last last couple of years, and every 6 months or so the potential for LED forward lighting proves to be more and more the new industry leader. 10 years ago the idea of an LED headlight was unheard of because the only thing LEDs were being used for were indicators in electronic devices and they didn’t make nearly enough light output to be used to actually see anything with.

The original style LEDs are not suitable for headlight applications.

The original style LEDs are not suitable for headlight applications.

Back in the day, way back when, one of the first types of automobile or carraige “head lamps” were glass jars which held a candle inside. This probably didn’t do a whole lot in terms of being able to see a long distance, but the vehicles of that age didn’t go very far so it didn’t matter. As automobile technology and average speed increased, the need for brighter and more reliable headlights did as well. The evolution of the headlamp started at that very rudimentary candle setup to incandescent halogen, then to HID and just recently LED technology has begun to overtake all other options. This is because of lifespan, durability, power consumption and ever-increasing Lumen production capability. LED tech is quickly proving to be the lighting source of choice for everyone.

Jeep Wrangler JK no flashing problems

The JW Speaker 8700 LED headlights will replace any existing. 7″ round housing.

Today there are several companies specializing in high-power LED headlights, and most are even DOT approved for use on city streets and highways. JW Speaker is probably the best known LED headlight manufacturer because currently they produce what is considered to be the best LED headlight in the world. The JW Speaker LED headlights are brighter than competitors, and are quite nice looking overall. Next you have Truck-Lite who is also a pioneer in the LED headlight market, when they came out with their Phase 6 7″ round light several years ago. Today, Truck-Lite LED headlights are much brighter than stock lights, cheaper than JW Speaker and use new parabolic reflector technology. Lastly, GTR Lighting has recently entered the LED headlight market with a 4×6″ and 6″ round products that are far cheaper than the others, but GTR Lighting LED headlights are still brighter than stock.

Jeep Lighting

The Jeep Wrangler is a fantastic platform for using LED headlights because many manufacturers sell the 7″ round size of LED headlight.

If you’re interested in upgrading the forward lighting of your vehicle, I would strongly encourage you consider the LED headlight option due to it’s superiority to halogen incandescent or in some cases even HID. I suspect that within the next 5 years HID technology will be obsolete when compared with LED in terms of the best fit for automotive lighting.