Can-Am Maverick Lighting Overhaul

Want to take your Can-Am Maverick 1000XMR to the next level? Check out the LED and HID Lighting upgrades made to this Can-Am in the video and get the look yourself! Here’s a breakdown of what was shown in the video.

At 1:00, the high and low headlights were the first thing to get upgraded. HID bulbs worked best with the Can-Am projector headlights, so both the high and low beams got 9005 55W HID Conversion Kits from GTR Lighting. If you’ve ever thought about upgrading to HID bulbs but were hesitant of the installation process, check out the video at 3:38 to see how its done

Can-Am lighting upgrades

HID Ballasts for the Can-Am


7:52 shows the huge difference HID bulbs make compared to stock halogen bulbs. The HID bulbs not only have a better color than halogen, they have tons more light.

HID and halogen comparison in a Can-Am


At 11:38, the taillights also get new bulbs. The LED Bulb Replacements from GTR Lighting are a simple way to increase the light output.

LED bulb replacement for Can-Am tail lights


At 17:10 the Can-Am lighting overhaul ends with a 42″ light bar attached to the top. This GTR Lighting Tactical Light Bar adds an extra 20,640 Lumens to the Can-Am! 22:30 of the video shows how to install the LED light bar to the cage of the Can-Am using the mounting feet and bolts.

LED offroad Light Bar for the Can-Am




Vision X Torture Test Holds More Weight

The video shows the led light crushed by the mining truck.

The video shows the led light crushed by the mining truck.

The Vision X guys brought their LED light bars out to an industrial mining location to see if they can hold up against TONS of weight. They threw the light bar into the mining truck to drop it from 3 stories up and in one fluid take they prove that the Vision X products will withstand the impacts of gravity caused by the gigantic mining truck. Then they put the a light bar under the tracks of one of the biggest vehicles imaginable to show how it would hold up against the weight and pressure of such a machine!

As you can see the light bar is very durable and can hold up against just about any conditions imaginable. You can see what Vision X products will fit your needs at Headlight Revolution. HR is all about the newest and brightest lighting available and they sell a large variety of brands including Vision X.