Affordable, bright and compact LED Driving Light: JW Speaker 4410

The JW Speaker model 4410 is an awesome offroad or driving light because it’s LED (low power consumption) and has a great flood beam pattern (super bright!). I’ve seen people put these on trucks, motorcycles, outside of campers, work trailers and even on warehouse rigs for moving pallets – they work great anywhere that you don’t have a ton of space but DO NEED a ton of light:

JW Speaker 4410 offroad driving light

Headlight Revolution just did a video review on this product, and I think it’s worth checking out if you need something like this. It’s not the brightest LED light out there, but it’s pretty awesome for the money! This is one of the most affordable LED light pods on the market:

Nicksquared Rally Race Team Sponsored by GTR Lighting

Nick Squared GTR Lighting

Team Nicksquared, Rally Race Car Drivers, have been sponsored by GTR Lighting!

Team Nicksquared, comprised of driver Nicholas Robertson and Nick Judkins, drives Rally America car #202; a 2012 Subaru Legacy STI race car. The vehicle was ordered by the team specifically to be turned into a race car, so now with less than 5,000 miles on the clock it is set to debut at the LSPR (Lake Superior Pro Rally) event in late October. With intentions of nothing but becoming the best in the industry, this team has really set themselves up to achieve those goals. They are starting with arguably the best car for the sport, the best safety equipment, driving skills that Pastrana would be jealous of and now, the best lighting in the world! GTR Lighting has chosen to sponsor the team by upgrading every original light bulb on the car with either an HID conversion kit or an LED replacement bulb, including:

GTR Lighting OEM Style Low Beam HID D2C 5,000K Bulbs
GTR Lighting 35w High Beam HID Conversion Kit 5,000K
GTR Lighting 55w Fog Lights HID Conversion Kit 3,000K
GTR Lighting Front TW6 Style Amber LED Turn Signal Bulbs
GTR Lighting Rear TW6 Style Amber LED Turn Signal Bulbs
GTR Lighting Ceramic-Based 1 watt 194 Style LED License Plate Bulbs
GTR Lighting TW6 Style White Reverse Light LED Bulbs
GTR Lighting Subaru Logo LED Door Projectors

Team Nicksquared sponsored by GTR Lighting

The GTR Lighting sponsored race car from Team Nicksquared, Rally America car #202.

GTR Lighting Sponsors the Team nicksquared

Team Nicksquared posing next to their new race car, ready to win!

Team Nicksquared rally car

Car #202 ripping through the dirt, on the way to victory in the Rally America circuit.

For more information on the team, visit Team Nicksquared on Facebook here. For more information on the sponsor, GTR Lighting, visit the GTR website here.

Review of the JW Speaker TS3000 LED Offroad Light

JW Speaker TS3000

The newest and perhaps wildest LED off road lighting product on the market: The J.W. Speaker model TS3000.

Have you seen or heard anything about the new TS3000 LED Driving lamp from the American lighting manufacturer J.W. Speaker? It is pretty insane, and I want to tell you about it. If you’re trying to decide what type off auxiliary lighting to put on your rig, consider this. You’ve got all types of options, the most common is the old style of round halogen or HID offroad lights. Now today we’re seeing more and more LED products from Companies like JW Speaker and Vision X lighting. They are becoming the mainstay on the high end sport trucks, and the weekend mud warrior. JW Speaker Corp. out of Germantown, Wisconsin has released what may be the coolest LED off road light that’s ever existed. Here’s the thing: It shoots out light up to nearly 2,000 feet (600 meters)! That’s getting pretty close to a half mile of light output, which is pretty unheard of from any type of lighting product. Also, the light is available with different lenses (clear polycarbonate, blue polycarbonate or amber polycarbonate) and 2 different beam patterns: Pencil Beam or Driving Beam:

Speaker TS3000 Beam Pattern

The TS3000 is available in a Pencil Beam or a Driving Beam pattern, both are wildly bright!

This light is new, powerful and rugged, but some people have accused JW Speaker of creating an “Alien-Like” fixture, that some people don’t really like the idea of using. It breaks the traditional mold of what is normal or expected when it comes to off road lights and I think that’s why I like it. Really, it’s looks are the only thing that could possibly be held against it – and that’s just subjective! Here are some technical specs of the light:

  • Voltage input: 12v – 24v
  • Available in Driving or Pencil Beam
  • Clear Polycarbonate Lens
  • Driving beam is available in DOT-compliant and ECE-compliant configurations
  • Optional colored lenses available
  • 4-Year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Integrated 2-Pin Deutsch Weather-Proof Socket
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Current Draw: 3.700 Amps @ 12V DC
  • Bracket and Housing Material: Silver Painted Die Cast Aluminum
LED Headlights and Driving Lights

Jeeps love JW Speaker Lighting Products!

Currently the bracket/housing is only available in stock in silver, but if you can wait about a month and a half JW Speaker’s factory in Wisconsin will custom-build you a light with black brackets instead, or you could just paint the silver one yourself… So the next time you’re shopping for a new reliable, rugged, cool and eye-catching offroad lighting product, take a moment to look into the JW Speaker TS3000 LED Off Road Light.