JW Speaker 6045 Jeep LED Fog Lights – New Bracket

This bracket is for sale here.

JW Speaker 4.5" LED Fog Light JK Jeep

This is an early model picture of an upcoming fog light replacement bracket for the JK Jeep Wrangler. This will allow you to install the JW Speaker 6045 LED fog light into the factory bumper of all J/K Jeeps!

J.W. Speaker Corporation of Germantown, Wisconsin USA is the manufacturer of arguably some of the best LED headlight or forward lighting products in the world. Today’s lighting market has different segments, like any other, and no matter where you look for LED offroad lights or LED headlights, nobody compares equally to the JW Speaker LED headlights and 4.5″ driving lights. JW Speaker beats the competition in style, durability and sheer lighting performance. It’s no wonder that the Jeep enthusiast community has taken notice and elected the JW Speaker Model #8700 Evolution as their headlight leader!

Jeep JK 4.5" LED Driving Light

Jeep with JW Speaker 8700 LED headlights and JW Speaker 6045 LED fog lights. These match each other very well and are available in black or chrome.

Now that the masses have fallen in love with this quad-projector LED headlight they wanted something equally as impressive, in both looks and light output, to match the 8700 headlights. Enter the JW Speaker Model #6045 LED Fog Light. The 6045 is a 4.5″ round LED light utilizing 3 “D” shaped lenses each focusing high power LED chips inside the housing. Until now truck customizing shops have had to make their own bracketry to hold the 4.5″ LED light in place but very soon, when it is made available to the general public, there will be a plug and play option.

JW Speaker 6045 fog lights, JW Speaker 8700 Headlights

This is the Jeep Dragon concept vehicle that used all LED lighting including Recon and JW Speaker.

I think the thing that really prompted people to start trying this combo was the Jeep Dragon concept built for this year’s China Automobile Expo. I just wanted to give you a heads up that the Jeep JK 6045 LED Fog Light will become a more viable option very soon once this custom plug-and-play bracket is built and on the market. We’ll keep you posted when we learn more!

JW Speaker LED Headlights and Foglights

The JW Speaker LED Headlights and Fog Lights have become an enthusiast favorite amongst Jeep owners!

eBay Vs The World – Better Headlights

eBay Honda Headlight Review

Ebay seems to have the market cornered on Honda Headlights.

When is the last time you or somebody you know went looking for aftermarket vehicle-specific headlights online? You’ve really only got a few options: either visit a brick-and-mortar store and hopefully they have a better avenue to purchase them than the average consumer online does, visit Amazon.com, visit eBay.com or carid.com. The reason for this is that the market is flooded with cheap aftermarket projector headlights and nobody seems to sell anything that is really BETTER than anything else. Today, eBay Motors is one of the largest online retailers of vehicle-specific aftermarket headlights but they are no different than what anyone else sells.

You can visit a premium reseller to get a price, then check eBay or Amazon to get the exact same product, just as quickly, for less money. Where is the value being added if it’s all the same product that you can get from anyone? The problem is that because of the access to all the same products the internet has miniaturized the retail automotive lighting game. Why buy from someone who will look at the EXACT SAME vendor as you are (ebay, amazon, carid, etc…) and mark it up 10% + shipping + tax? I think it’s a bit silly to expect the modern consumer to pay local retailers more for the same products – there needs to be something differentiated.

Now there is: Starr HID has a line of vehicle specific headlights that are as good or better than original equipment manufacturer parts, but they have an aftermarket flair: blacked out housings, cool projectors, and beautiful DOT approved construction. These headlights, available for a small number of vehicles, are the solution to the problem of abundant mediocrity in automotive light housings sold online. They are 3 times the price of a normal crappy headlight, but it’s what will make your store stand out from the crowd.

Check out this video review I did comparing the standard ebay/generic projector headlight to a Starr HID Projector Headlight for the Honda Accord and you be the judge:

Starr HID is the best of the best in automotive headlight products, and they offer a level of product quality that is unparalleled in the automotive lighting industry. Take a few minutes to watch the video and understand for yourself what really is the difference between a regular headlight product and an incredible headlight product.

The Ultimate Projector Headlights

Starr HID is the Ultimate Projector Headlight Company!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About HID Lighting

GTR Lighting ceramic base

Not all HID bulbs are created equally!

1) Standard low beams cease to provide enough visibility when driving above 35 to 40 mph. The best case scenario would be for all drivers to use high beams all the time and use technology to keep the light out of oncoming drivers’ eyes. (Osram-Sylvania)

2) ALL headlamps produce glare that can reduce the ability for oncoming drivers to see. (Osram-Sylvania)

3) According to the AAA Foundation’s report, called “Countermeasures for Reducing the Effects of Headlight Glare” (2002), as many as 50 percent of all headlamps on the road, or 110 million  vehicles, may have mis-aimed headlights! Shock, vibration and wear and tear are the greatest contributors to headlamp misalignment. (AAA Foundation)

4) Poorly manufactured, “knock-off” products can cause glare and imitate the blue hue associated with fully-compliant, street-legal HID products. In order to be a true HID product it must consist of one xenon bulb PLUS one xenon ballast.  (GTR Lighting)

5) When headlamps are aimed properly, there is no difference in the amount of light that reaches the eyes of oncoming drivers whether the vehicle has halogen or HID light sources. (HID Reviews)

6) All drivers are not equal. Glare affects each person differently, often depending on age and environment. (HID Reviews)

7) OSRAM-Sylvania is the only company worldwide manufacturing a completely mercury-free HID system solution, comprised of the light source and necessary electronics to optimally operate it. The OSRAM system allows customers to streamline the development and approval process for mercury-free systems. Mercury-free xenon technology is the future of lighting! (Osram-Sylvania)

8) Although 4,300K HID bulbs are thought of as being the “brightest”, they are not the most reflective. A 6,000K or 8,000K produces negligibly less light output, but has more reflective properties making it better for spotting animals at night, and seeing road signs from further distances away. (Top Line Group Automotive)

9) Unlike other colors in the HID “Kelvin” spectrum, 3,000K gets its golden hue from an iridescent coating on the bulb. This coating has a slight affect on the power of the light output, but a 3,000K HID bulb powered by a 35w ballast will still be significantly brighter than a regular halogen bulb. (Eagle Eye Lights)

10) Neither Philips nor Osram-Sylvania are in the business of manufacturing aftermarket HID conversion kits, non-OEM style HID ballasts (35w or 55w) and they do not produce xenon bulbs in different color ratings other than original equipment colors. It is very common to find copyright infringement in the aftermarket HID world, so if you see “Genuine Philips HID Kit” or “Real Sylvania HID Kit Bulbs” just know you are being lied to. If the company selling these products is willing to lie to you about who manufactured them, what else are they willing to lie to you about? If you want to know what you’re really buying, try one of these premium HID conversion kits. (Top Line Group Automotive) (Philips Electronics N.V.)

Exciting LED Headlight Technology – JW Speaker Brand

JW Speaker LED Headlights

7″ Round LED Headlights on a Jeep Wrangler add style, functionality and AWESOMENESS!

2 Years ago, LED Headlights were a fantasy – today they are a legitimate option for many automotive enthusiasts! With the help from JW Speaker Corp, a Wisconsin/USA manufacturer, it is now a possibility! LED headlights absolutely annihilate halogen lighting options in every category! Less electricity consumption, more efficient, less heat output, more lumen output, better looking! Because of recent advances in LED technology, and optics research and design, many consumers can replace halogen headlights with LED.

Jeep LED Lighting

Beautiful concept build for Jeep and Chrysler to announce it’s return to the Chinese market – outfitted with JW Speaker LED Headlights

Check out this review on a new Chrysler/Jeep Chinese Design Concept vehicle from AutoBlog:

The JW Speaker 7″ round LED Headlights fit a wide variety of different vehicles including: Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes Benz G500, Classic Chevrolet Chevelle, Classic Ford Mustang, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Older Volkswagen Golf and Jettas, and many other vehicles. The factory headlamps that come on these listed vehicles have an output rating of somewhere between 600 – 950 Lumen. A 35w HID lighting system will put out up to 3,500 Lumen, and these new LED headlights have an output of 1,400 Lumen! Not quite as mind-blowing as the HID counterpart, but the high-tech optical system used to send the lighting down the road makes it still very competitive as far as usable light goes.

Here are some more pictures of these LED Headlights:

Can’t Find the Light You’re Looking For?

Monster LED Dome Light

The Monster Board from GTR Lighting – one of MANY different lighting products available at Black Top Racing.

Have you ever tried looking for some type of lighting product but couldn’t quite find what you are looking for? I’d like for you to know about Black Top Racing, which sells and stocks an incredible line of LED and HID products as well as headlight housings and off-road lights.

Every light bulb you will ever find in your car or truck can be replaced by LED or HID bulbs available from Black Top Racing. Need a weird looking trunk light bulb? Black Top Racing carries it. Need a high power off-road light option with the ballast inside – Black Top Racing  has it too. Aside from bulb replacements and upgrades you can also find universal LED products, like the Monster Board by GTR Lighting pictured above.

The idea behind the way Black Top Racing sells lighting products has to do with selling high quality products at an affordable cost. For example, you may find Hella internal-HID off-road lights for upwards of $400+ and the Eagle Eye Lights with the same power and quality can be had for less than $200 a piece.  The HID kits are all strictly high-end  and you will never spend money on something that isn’t worth it at the Black Top Racing store. Visit Black Top Racing for a huge selection of lighting products.

If you’re looking for something that you can’t find in the lighting department please contact Black Top Racing with any questions, technical or sales-wise.

1156 LED Bulbs

Unique to GTR Lighting – these high power LED bulbs are 6 watts each and feature a output projecting lens on the top and 360 degree light output around the sides. More unique lighting products available at Black Top Racing.