GMC Canyon Roof Mounted LED Light Bar

If you have a GMC Canyon or Chevy Colorado, and you want to put a roof-mounted light bar on it you’ve probably found that nobody makes a vehicle specific kit. A friend of mine wanted to add this type of Light Bar setup to his 2007 Canyon and I found a product that actually works really good!

Canyon LED Roof Mount Light Bar

You’ll need these items to make it work (Click the links to see each part):

For this installation we actually installed Nut-Certs into the roof, drilled a hole through the roof for the wiring to go through, and used stainless steel cap bolts from the hardware store. All I wanted to help with was to show pictures that it can be done, show you what size light bar to use, and some pictures to give you an idea of how it all goes together.

We used the Vision X brand XIL-801 Flood Beam LED Light bar, it’s 42″ long and fit perfectly on the roof of this Canyon. We got all of the parts to do this install from Headlight Revolution, so if you want to replicate this install contact Headlight Revolution at this link: HERE.

The world’s BRIGHTEST Toyota Tundra!

Have you seen this truck? Well if you’re a fan of lighting and a fan of trucks, then you owe it to yourself to check out the 99,000 Lumen Toyota Tundra from Headlight Revolution!

99000 Lumens

This tricked out truck puts out 99,000 Lumens of light when everything is turned on!

Between the GTR Lighting HID Kits in the headlights and the Vision X and JW Speaker LED offroad lights, this thing will quite literally turn night into day! Check out the full specifications of this truck here. This truck uses a 35w HID low beam, a 55w HID high beam, LED fog lights from JW Speaker and 3 high power Vision X LED offroad light bars to create an absolutely insane amount of light! If you ever wanted to know what OVERKILL looks like, this is it – but hey if you’re trying to show off how awesome LED and HID lighting upgrades are, why not go all out – right? Check out the video below showing off this truck in it’s entirety – including the lights; and visit for more details on this awesome 2010 Tundra!

Affordable, bright and compact LED Driving Light: JW Speaker 4410

The JW Speaker model 4410 is an awesome offroad or driving light because it’s LED (low power consumption) and has a great flood beam pattern (super bright!). I’ve seen people put these on trucks, motorcycles, outside of campers, work trailers and even on warehouse rigs for moving pallets – they work great anywhere that you don’t have a ton of space but DO NEED a ton of light:

JW Speaker 4410 offroad driving light

Headlight Revolution just did a video review on this product, and I think it’s worth checking out if you need something like this. It’s not the brightest LED light out there, but it’s pretty awesome for the money! This is one of the most affordable LED light pods on the market:

Toyota Tundra LED Reverse Lights – 2 Different Options

If you have ANY type of truck one thing you’re probably wishing is that the reverse light function was better. I’d like to tell you that the Headlight Revolution has taken it upon themselves to offer a Tundra-Specific reverse light upgrade package that anyone can install! First in this video you see how to install LED reverse light bulb replacements and show you how much brighter they are than stock. Next you see how to add a high-power LED projector light onto the rear bumper of the truck for an absolutely astonishing amount of light. The great thing about the 9w projector light used in this video is that it has a 120 degree light output beam pattern which is perfect for backing up at night.

Check out the video and see for yourself, that you truly can see in the dark!

How To Install HID Low Beam Headlights in your 2007 – 2013 Chevy Silverado, Suburban and Tahoe

One of our good friends at HID Light Reviews recently published a new video showing step by step how to install an HID conversion kit for the low beam headlights in any 2007 – 2013 Chevrolet Silverado, Suburban or Tahoe, using this HID kit from GTR Lighting – the install is the same for all of these trucks. You can see it here:


Whether you want to install new HID lights, replace your entire headlight assembly due to damage, or just replace an old bulb this video will help you out. This video applies to 2007-2013 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, and Silverado.

HID Kit provided by GTRLighting. Find more information about hid lights, led lights, and other automotive accessories here:

Review of the JW Speaker TS3000 LED Offroad Light

JW Speaker TS3000

The newest and perhaps wildest LED off road lighting product on the market: The J.W. Speaker model TS3000.

Have you seen or heard anything about the new TS3000 LED Driving lamp from the American lighting manufacturer J.W. Speaker? It is pretty insane, and I want to tell you about it. If you’re trying to decide what type off auxiliary lighting to put on your rig, consider this. You’ve got all types of options, the most common is the old style of round halogen or HID offroad lights. Now today we’re seeing more and more LED products from Companies like JW Speaker and Vision X lighting. They are becoming the mainstay on the high end sport trucks, and the weekend mud warrior. JW Speaker Corp. out of Germantown, Wisconsin has released what may be the coolest LED off road light that’s ever existed. Here’s the thing: It shoots out light up to nearly 2,000 feet (600 meters)! That’s getting pretty close to a half mile of light output, which is pretty unheard of from any type of lighting product. Also, the light is available with different lenses (clear polycarbonate, blue polycarbonate or amber polycarbonate) and 2 different beam patterns: Pencil Beam or Driving Beam:

Speaker TS3000 Beam Pattern

The TS3000 is available in a Pencil Beam or a Driving Beam pattern, both are wildly bright!

This light is new, powerful and rugged, but some people have accused JW Speaker of creating an “Alien-Like” fixture, that some people don’t really like the idea of using. It breaks the traditional mold of what is normal or expected when it comes to off road lights and I think that’s why I like it. Really, it’s looks are the only thing that could possibly be held against it – and that’s just subjective! Here are some technical specs of the light:

  • Voltage input: 12v – 24v
  • Available in Driving or Pencil Beam
  • Clear Polycarbonate Lens
  • Driving beam is available in DOT-compliant and ECE-compliant configurations
  • Optional colored lenses available
  • 4-Year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Integrated 2-Pin Deutsch Weather-Proof Socket
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Current Draw: 3.700 Amps @ 12V DC
  • Bracket and Housing Material: Silver Painted Die Cast Aluminum
LED Headlights and Driving Lights

Jeeps love JW Speaker Lighting Products!

Currently the bracket/housing is only available in stock in silver, but if you can wait about a month and a half JW Speaker’s factory in Wisconsin will custom-build you a light with black brackets instead, or you could just paint the silver one yourself… So the next time you’re shopping for a new reliable, rugged, cool and eye-catching offroad lighting product, take a moment to look into the JW Speaker TS3000 LED Off Road Light.

Inexpensive 7″ Round LED Headlights by Truck-Lite

LED Head Lamp

The original LED headlight, 7″ Round from Truck-Lite

In 2009 Truk-Lite introduced the FIRST 100% LED HEADLIGHT replacement housing for all 7″ round headlight housings. This headlight is called the “Phase 6″ or part number 27250C and uses 5 LED chips for high beam and 5 LED chips for low beam and drawing a maximum 4.5amps at 12 volts DC, all working together to produce up to 1,350 lumens of output light! This is very impressive, about 400 lumens brighter than most stock headlights and a plug and play LED alternative.

As you can see from the video it has good light output, but it is dwarfed by the performance of the JW Speaker #8700, 7” Round LED headlamp. The Truck Lite brand LED headlight has been a popular favorite in the Jeep and classic cars community for years because of it’s lone place in the market until recently and it is still a great option. The headlight has a plastic/polycarbonate lens and an H4 style wire harness to make installation simple and efficient.

The final review of the Truck-Lite 7″ Round LED Headlights concludes that it is a very cool product, it is half the price of the JW Speaker counterpart, it looks great and is easy to install, and lastly the light output leaves something to be desired, but for the price you cannot beat it.